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Angiologie du membre thoracique

Angiology thoracic member

ARTERY AXILLARY I- Introduction : Large artery located in the axilla, constitutes a passageway between the subclavian artery and the brachial artery. Nouricière is a street in the shoulder region. II- origin : It follows ...

General information on the anatomy of the human body

DEFINITIONS : -Anatomy comes from the Greek word anatomia or anatome that is to say "cut through" or "dissect". -L'anatomie est une science qui a pour objet l'étude des structures des êtres organises -L étude de l'anatomie humaine...
Complexe articulaire de l'épaule

joint complex of & rsquo; shoulder

I- GENERAL : The shoulder is a union segment that connects the upper limb to the trunk through the shoulder girdle. It includes a joint complex formed by five joints : Articulation scapulo-humérale. acromioclavicular joint. ...
Articulation du coude - 4

Elbow joint

I- DEFINITION : The elbow joint is composed of three type joints diarthrosis. Humeral-ulnar joint : it is a trochlea in which movements of flexion and extension of the forearm are made on the ...
Articulation du coude - tendinite

Elbow joint

  I- Introduction : The elbow joint unit forearm arm, it allows to wear the food to the mouth, is a diarthrosis (highly mobile) which united the 3 extrémités osseuses de l'humérus, le le radius and ulna. ...