Exercise of the medical profession


I- Introduction :

The doctor is a person who has been regularly admitted to a medical school duly recognized in the country where it is has successfully completed the prescribed program of & rsquo; medical study and acquired skills with which it has the quality to be legally.

Licensed to practice medicine includes prevention, the diagnosis, Treatment and rehabilitation, in its sole discretion to promote the health of the individual and the community.

II/- The legal conditions for the exercise of the medical profession :

A- The conditions attached to the & rsquo; exercise of the medical profession are formulated, by Articles 197 and 213 the health code, which is in the private or public sector :

  1. Being equipped with the degree of doctor of medicine or a recognized equivalent foreign title
  2. Do not be reached d & rsquo; infirmity or & rsquo; an incompatible condition with the exercise of the profession
  3. Not having been d & rsquo; an infamous punishment
  4. Algerian nationality Being. It may however be waived for foreign d & rsquo; exercise based on past conditions and agreements by the & rsquo; Algeria and decision of the Ministry of Health
  5. Being on the list of the board of the & rsquo; the Medical (describes Executive 92/278 you 06Jui 1992, ethical code).

B- for internal :

  • These are medical students, However, they are allowed to practice medicine during the internment internship graduation studies in public health facilities under the responsibility of practitioners leaders structures (Ail 200 the health code)
  • They are allowed to engage in private medical practice in the context of & rsquo; a replacement contract

C- for residents.

D- the specialists :

No one may practice as a medical specialist s & rsquo; it justifies, in addition to the requirements in Art 197 the health code, a medical specialist degree or a recognized equivalent foreign title (Art 198).

III- Diets exercises :

The plans & rsquo; exercises are set by the & rsquo; Article 201 the health code 1985, which are :

– General practitioners and specialists practicing in the following plans: Mon :

→ As a full-time official in the public sector.
→ Privately, according to an established health card so as to provide a sanitary covered in pa s (Art 202).
→ L & rsquo; complementary activity in private structures:

However, l’art 201 of the law 1985 saw a change (Official Gazette No. 74 20.10.1999) during the revision of the law of 16 February 1985. plan and the terms and conditions of & rsquo; exercise b sideline :

– L & rsquo; complementary activity is given on request of the & rsquo; interest, by the director of the & rsquo; public health establishment, after service of the reasoned opinion leader and medical or scientific advice.

– L & rsquo; & rsquo authorization; exercise of & rsquo; additional medical activity indicates :

The place or places d & rsquo; year The nature of the & rsquo; activity

The 2 half days (afternoon) reserved for the & rsquo; complementary activity

IV- The rules of exercises :

Every physician must comply with the rules & rsquo; exercise dictated by the law of 16.02.85 and always ensure compliance with the & rsquo; medical ethics.

These rules are made by several items. We will pay particular attention to the following items :

ART 207 : the doctor is required to & rsquo; practice his profession under his legal identity.

ART 210 : l & rsquo; obligation of every doctor to refer to the orders of the & rsquo; public authority.

ART 206 : the doctor is bound by professional secrecy unless the legal provisions in the loosened expressly.

Conclusion :

We must therefore ensure to protect our patients from danger emanating from healers and quack.

L & rsquo; failure or non-compliance with these rules seriously engage the responsibility of the physician who can make bobjet criminal prosecution and / or disciplinary.

Rabelais said : "Science without conscience & rsquo; is the ruin of the & rsquo; soul"

Dr Belloum's course – Faculty of Constantine