1- Definition : These are heteroproteins resulting from the union of a carbohydrate moiety (de type oligosides) and protein by covalent bonds. They are very ...


C'EST QUOI L'ECHOGRAPHIE ? L'échographie est une technique d'imagerie médicale en coupe qui utilise des ultrasons. Ce nom désigne à la fois l'acte médical et...
Structure du kyste hydatique (la larve hydatique)

larval tapeworms – Hydatid cyst

larval tapeworms CLASSIFICATION : Phylum Platheiminthes "tapeworms" Hydatid cyst 1- INTRODUCTION : Hydatid or hydatid disease : Zoonosis Cosmopolitan due to accidental tissue development in humans ...
Douleur lombosciatique

sciatica pain

Tumeurs osseuses

bone tumors

I- DEFINITION : Tumor : prolifération anarchique de cellules —> normal : bénigne —> Anormales : maligne ⇓ Produisante de différents tissus La dénomination se fait à partir...
Secret professionnel

Professional secret

I- Definition : The secret is what needs to be hidden. What he did not have to say, it is also silent on a matter entrusted. The secret...
Ultrastructure of a Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoite


I- INTRODUCTION : Toxoplasmosis cosmopolitan protozoan, parasite intracellulaire SRH : Toxoplasma gondii. Congenital form responsible for very severe malformations compromises the prognosis ...
Règles de remplissage

fill rules



Introduction : Psoriasis is an inflammatory dermatosis skin, characterized by erythematous, scaly chronic lesions It is common (2% Population),...
Échanges alvéolo-capillaires

alveolar-capillary exchange

A - Introduction : L & rsquo; pulmonary exchanger is the meeting of two circulations : Aerial (alveolar) and pulmonary capillary ; it is the venue ...


Introduction : Changing the normal skin color, not erasing is under mechanical action, due, most of the time, a disorder ...
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I- INTRODUCTION : Medicine in its simplest definition is a science whose object is the conservation and restoration of ...


Péritonites aigues

acute peritonitis

Certificats médicaux

medical certificates

Responsabilité pénale

criminal responsibility

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Exploration technique of the urinary tract

I- INTRODUCTION : The technical exploration of the urinary tract are many  They are essential before any urinary symptoms , because the clinical examination is still ...

Liability doctors

GENERAL : Responsibility is a moral or legal obligation to answer for his actions before others and take the consequences. Les premières notions de...

Absorption of drugs

I/- Introduction : Between the time of drug administration and that of obtaining the effect ; the drug goes through several stages grouped ...

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