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Ulcérations génitales et urétrites

genital ulcers and urethritis

Introduction : Are all bacterial infections, viral, parasitic or mycotic sexually transmitted ➢ Bacteria : Syphilis, chancre mou, Donovanose, sickness...


Introduction : Syphilis is sexually transmitted infection (IS), bacterial, caused by a spirochete, Treponema pallidum She has appeared at the ...


Introduction : Psoriasis is an inflammatory dermatosis skin, characterized by erythematous, scaly chronic lesions It is common (2% Population),...
Mycoses superficielles

superficial fungal infections

Introduction / Overview : Superficial fungal infections are skin infections caused by fungi (dermatophytes, yeast, mold) who are at the origin ...
Leishmaniose cutanée

cutaneous leishmaniasis

Introduction : Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (LC) can be defined as zoonoses resulting from parasitism of the vertebrate host by a flagellate protozoan of the ...
Principales infections cutanées à germes pyogènes

Main skin infections pyogenic germs

Introduction : Skin manifestations related to the presence of pyogenic germs in the body Normal skin is colonized by a bacterial flora (a...
Alerte épidémique Prise en charge des patients atteints de COVID (Coronavirus disease 19 * Etat des connaissances

Epidemic Alert Support for patients Covid (Coronavirus disease) -19 *...

1- Virologie : RNA viruses belonging to the family wrapped Coronaviridae, genus betacoronavirus In humans: six known coronavirus species hCoV seasonal: 220E,...
Coronavirus 2019 n-CoV (Wuhan)

Coronavirus 2019 n (Wuhan)

Presented by:   Dr. Nabil BOULAGHMEN - SEMEP EPSP Laghouat Epidemiologist Definition : Coronaviruses are viruses that can cause respiratory infections in humans..


Definition : Eczema is an inflammatory dermatosis, erythematous vesicular, itchy It is the most common dermatosis The predominant histological lesion is spongiosis of the mucous body..
Ectoparasitoses cutanées

skin ectoparasites

Gale human mite Introduction : It is a cosmopolitan ectoparasitic disease, highly contagious, due to skin colonization by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei, variety...