Torque Sexuality


I- Introduction :

Sexuality is an essential intimacy the couple, it is essential to the balance of torque and well- to be, satisfactory deserves & rsquo sexuality be regularly maintained as long as possible. Sentiments, history, children, families, projects… many pillars that structure pairs. This is obviously to add sexuality there : without satisfying sex, a couple is lost part of himself, deprived of his most intimate language, which helps to maintain balance and health of both partners.

Sexology can provide effective help in case of physiological disorders of libido or failure of desire.

Sexuality is a factor of & rsquo; balance and stability of couples : Essential to the balance of the couple, Sexuality is as much a pillar in a building. In his absence, l & rsquo; balance is wobbly. Fulfilling for both partners, it allows a real intimate exchange to better meet, better understanding, better 'feel & rsquo;', in every sense of the term.

It evolves over time : As the relationships of all kinds, and physical performance, sexuality evolves over time.

In the beginning, it is often the frequency of relationships premium. With the passing years, it is the quality of these exchanges is most often preferred.

for all that, sexuality is life but sometimes… a death for some couples. In case of physiological disorders or mechanical may sound good on a sexual agreement, including the erection in men and dryness in women, Medicine now has effective responses, if the desire persists. If desire outages that s & rsquo; settling permanently, beyond d & rsquo; special events or periods, in sexology, discipline at the frontier of medicine and psychology, can actually help deal with potential sexual disorders.

1- Breakdowns of desire : are common in the lives of couples

Sexuality succession of fragile balances, because it is subject to the vagaries of life. Too many worries, a long life together, too d & rsquo; habits… And desire can indeed get conspicuously absent. Sexual intercourse can then evolve into mechanical ritual, increasingly spaced, frustrating one or other of the partners (or both) to end up almost completely absent from a Marriage. The first treatment is dialogue : power “talk about it freely and without pretense. L & rsquo; sincere exchange may be enough to improve the situation.

For desire disorders have aujourd & rsquo; hui well-known causes. As part of the consultation, s can & rsquo; speak up about his sexuality in confidence, in a neutral place, in the context of total dedramatization, with back and even humor. The mere fact & rsquo; initiate the process contributes significantly to its success. Because sexual pleasure is also good for the & rsquo; balance and health !

2- A well be hormonal demonstrated : Excellent exercise cardio and d & rsquo; body maintenance, sexual activity has repercussions on the entire body. Hormonal substances secreted by the brain and released during sex are equipped & rsquo; amazing properties :

dopamine stimulates the heart and blood circulation, endorphins hunt tension and pain, oxytocin brings a feeling of wellbeing and reducing stress & rsquo; anxiety, Serotonin is involved in sleep monitoring, among others.

At & rsquo; reverse, certain diseases such as depression or extreme fatigue are enough to block sexual desire for inhibiting testosterone, hormone necessary for his release.

General impact on the indisputable health

A regular sex life blossomed thus helps strengthen the immune system and prevent cardiovascular problems or diabetes, even some cancers (his, prostate…).

The concept of sexual health is even recognized by the World Health Organization. Satisfactory sexual health requires as TOMS "achieve development and enrichment of his personality, communication and love ". A l’inverse, sexual frustration is as much psychological as physiological imbalance factor.

The psychological and relational benefits

In addition to the direct benefit of the & rsquo; body, l & rsquo; sexual act gives confidence.

Feel wanted help to s & rsquo; love yourself and your body. Sexuality allows & rsquo; discover much about his reactions as those of the & rsquo; other. Agree to submit to the pleasure, releases inhibitions and enhances dialogue. Or, to discover all the fun and the hard relationship later, the first recipe is communication.

vital link for the couple

To exchange, thoughtfully, listen, but also sensuality, allows to stay close and continue to understand. Each revives memory of strong emotions, and each new sensory stimulation (by bodily contact, massages, kisses…) sex and cause a new release of hormones, to & rsquo; origin of desire and pleasure. Thus s & rsquo; maintains relational life of installed couples.

Sexuality and age

Half of the more than 60 years have sex and 1/5 is the & rsquo; love at least once a week. But for seniors, loyalty, love, generosity, and tenderness are values ​​that are as important as the & rsquo; act itself.

Prolonged and fulfilling sexuality for seniors is perfectly possible and even desirable. For making the & rsquo; love is good for health and delays aging. It also represents a cement for couples, up & rsquo; advanced age of life.

L & rsquo; evolution of representations on the subject as well as recent events such as blended families observe increasingly amorous youths through new d & rsquo; adventures that still was thought recently reserved for thirty.

Unlike years 80-90 where & rsquo; is commonly thought that making love after sixty fell perversion, sexuality of seniors knows aujourd & rsquo; hui a revolution of mentalities. A change in particular possible by advances in the treatment of sexual disorders related to aging.

Sixty years, c & rsquo; is for many couples the perfect time to live their sexuality : more dependent children, more professional constraints, more worries… but with lots of free time reverse, dynamism and much better than before health conditions are all favorable conditions for the & rsquo; maintenance and development of sex life.

Sexuality and menopause ?

In women, hormonal drop related to menopause can affect the quality of his sexuality. If he is not against-indicated, by breast cancer include, hormone replacement therapy of the menopause (THS) allows most of the time to overcome hot flashes, Mood disorders, vaginal dryness and skin.

And, if cons-indication to HRT, of alternatives exist : doctors can prescribe local estrogenic treatments (ovules, creams…) to effectively fight against vaginal dryness. Not to mention the lubricating gels which maintain good quality sexual relationship.

Sexual problems in men :

these are the erectile dysfunction predominate. hormonal insufficiency, cardiovascular problems. Aging cavernosa that allow the penis to swell during erection, interventions for prostate cancer, bladder or rectum, neurodegenerative diseases such as diabetes… as multiple origins to erectile dysfunction.

Same for excess cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure, excessive consumption of & rsquo; alcohol and tobacco or taking certain drugs such as psychotropic. Today & rsquo; hui, medicine offers treatments that maintain a good quality of erection, effective when there is desire and arousal. Healthy living and natural supplements herbal, like ginseng, ginger and many others, are also guarantors of safe & rsquo; an extended and fulfilling sex life.

Dr Khodja's course – Faculty of Constantine