oaths :

1- Hippocratic oath : it is a context that was written to llth century before J-C

  • I swear to consider legal to my parents one who will teach the art of medicine, to share with him my livelihood and power needs to look at his son as my brothers, their salary learns art of medicine, no contract
  • I would not give that conch or pray a homicidal drug, well I would not give to a woman an abortive product
  • The things that make the exercise of my art I could even hear or which should not be disclosed outside I terrais

2- Oath of Maimonides : is a designed oath (drafted) the XII century, it is a form oath salerte (pray), describe the same concerns as the Hippocratic

3- Oath of Montpellier : it is an oath written in the IXX century, This is an abridged text of the Hippocratic Oath

4- Medical confidentiality :

"The one to whom you say is your secret master of your freedom"

Introduction :

  • Medical confidentiality is an obligation designed to safeguard the health of individuals
  • The secret that this should be hidden, he must not say , it is also silent on a matter entrusted
  • The purpose of medical confidentiality : All teachers are subject to professional secrecy, against by medical secrecy is a symbol of respect for the dignity of the patient
  • This is a right of the patient and a doctor of duty
  • The secret covers all the doctor saw , in entendu , understood or entrusted to it , medical confidentiality is watched even after death

→ The exemptions of medical confidentiality :

  • Declaration of birth
  • Declaration of death
  • Contagious illness
  • requisitioning
  • The child abuse

→ Medical confidentiality and the law :

  • The Penal Code : Article 301 the penal code
  • The health code : Article 206
  • The code of ethics : 36, 37, 41